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Volunteers performing a bioassment on Rainbow Creek in June 2004.

Testing for water turbidity.

Measuring the ambient air temperature.

Measuring the profile of Rainbow Creek.

Measuring disolved oxygen with the bioassessment snap kit.

Measuring water temperature.

Collecting a water sample on the Santa Margarita River.

Keeping accurate records!

Rainbow Creek sampling site.

Volunteers performing a velocity test.

Volunteers measuring the profile of Rainbow Creek.

Recording the results!

Rainbow Creek.

Measuring the profile of Rainbow Creek.

A great group of volunteers!

Water quality testing on Stone Creek.

Using the densiometer to measure tree canopy density.

Measuring the profile of the Santa Margarita River.

The Santa Margarita River.

Even our youngest volunteers got involved! This is the Cole Creek sampling site.

Volunteers measuring the rive profile at the Santa Margarita River sampling site.