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California Friendly Landscaping

Why Choose Drought Tolerant Plants?

  • Drought tolerant plants can help create a beautiful, California friendly landscape!
  • We receive less than 20” of rain per year. Drought tolerant landscaping can help save water and money!
  • Choose native plants when possible — they are perfectly adapted for your yard!
  • Succulents and cacti can also add beauty to your yard!

Why Choose Native Plants?

  • They are acclimated for the region’s climate and rainfall amounts.
  • They need little water once established.
  • They attract native birds and pollinators.
  • More fire resistant because they have less fuel than non-native plants.
  • Native plants require little or no fertilizer.
  • California native landscapes are both beautiful and beneficial!
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Tips for Designing Your New Landscape

  1. Start by analyzing your site.  Coastal or inland location affects plant selection.  Slopes, low spots, sunny and shady areas, wind and soil types all affect success.  A detailed understanding of your property will save many future dollars and headache
  2. Make a list of what you desire and need from your garden.  Entertaining, vegetable gardening, enhancing or hiding a view, or play areas for kids and pets are all examples of some of the features a California friendly landscape can offer.
  3. California friendly trees, shrubs, and groundcovers can satisfy almost any desire for fragrance, color, size, and texture. Group plants with similar water needs together.  Place your thirstiest selections in high traffic or visible areas.
  4. With these ideas in hand, you are ready to put the design on paper.  If your skills and interest are high, jump in. If you choose to seek assistance, ask for references and training of the person you hire.