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Grading, Easements and Zoning

May contain: road, outdoors, path, dirt road, and gravel

Land use is zoned based on its permitted uses (i.e. agriculture, industrial, residential, etc.). Land zoning is developed at the county and city (for incorporated communities) levels. To determine what uses your San Diego County property is zoned for, visit the County of San Diego’s GIS Map Gallery.

Easements can typically be found attached to a property’s deed. Easements may include access for utility maintenance, such as water and electrical infrastructure, or deeded access to another property. The County of San Diego also has an Agricultural Easement Program (PACE) in which willing agricultural property owners are compensated for placing a perpetual easement on their agricultural property that ensures that the property will be used only for agricultural purposes and cannot be used for non-agricultural (such as developed for residential developments) in the future.

Grading of agricultural land may require permits on the local, state, and federal levels. Prior to initiating any soil movement projects, check for any requirements with your city (if applicable), county, state, and federal offices.

Grading, Zoning, and Easement Resources