Home Ignition Zone Assessment

What is the Home Ignition Zone Assessment?

Limiting the amount of flammable vegetation, choosing fire-resistant building materials and construction techniques, along with periodic exterior maintenance in the three home ignition zones - increases the chances your home will survive a wildfire when ex-posed to embers and/or a surface fire. The zones include the Imme-diate Zone: 0 to 5 feet around the house; Intermediate Zone: 5 to 30 feet; and the Extended Zone: 30 to 100 feet.

Topics Covered in the Assessment:
- Immediate, intermediate and extended zones
- Structure position
- Inspection from chimney to eaves
- Inspection from eaves to foundation
- Examination of landscape
- Understanding tree spacing
- Review of areas relative to the HIZ areas

Contact Mission RCD to schedule your personalized assessment at (760) 728-1332.

May contain: neighborhood, urban, building, and campus
Home Ignition Zone