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Irrigation System Evaluations

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Get a free irrigation evaluation and rebates to upgrade your irrigation system!

MRCD staff provide technical support for agricultural water management for agricultural customers in the San Diego County Water Authority service area.

MRCD has collaborated with the San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) to conserve water and improve resource efficiency for more than 25 years. This collaboration includes helping San Diego farms achieve water and cost savings through onsite evaluations, recommendations for efficiency improvements, and incentives and rebates to fund efficiency upgrades.

Agricultural producers in San Diego County can now receive up to $550 per acre or $5,000 per property to help cover the cost of irrigation upgrades recommended in a free irrigation evaluation. An irrigation system evaluation assesses whether an existing system is overwatering or providing crops with the required amount of water at the correct time.


Irrigation Water Management is the implementation of best management practices to efficiently irrigate crops, control irrigation costs and improve production. This free program helps identify these practices through onsite evaluations, analyses, reports and recommendations to agricultural properties irrigating more than one acre of crops or trees. Emission uniformity and pressure readings are determined for each system and recommendations are provided along with crop data and technical information about the types of irrigation equipment in use.


A soil moisture sensor measures soil moisture content in the active root zone on your property. The Soil Moisture Sensor System Cost-Share Program assists growers with the adoption of advanced irrigation water management practices using soil moisture sensors by providing incentives for agricultural properties with at least one acre of irrigated crops or trees. Reimbursement for the purchase price of a soil moisture sensor system is available up to a maximum of $5,000 per property.


The Agricultural IEP offers opportunities for local farmers to improve on-farm irrigation system efficiencies through technical assistance and cost-sharing for recommended irrigation system equipment retrofits that improve distribution uniformity and efficiency. Participants receive a detailed report with current irrigation system efficiency levels and recommended improvements that integrate the use of efficient irrigation technology and irrigation scheduling practices. The report includes an itemized list of suggested components and a 50% cost share estimate. Reimbursement for implementing the suggested upgrades is up to $550 per acre or $5,000 per property.


Save on your water costs

An efficient irrigation system provides crops with the required amount of water at the correct time. This helps avoid costly overwatering — and when you have acres of crops, the savings will add up quickly.

Identify problems before they occur

When an expert takes a look at your irrigation system, you can be confident they’ll catch any problems in the making — before they make problems for your bank account.

To sign up for a free agricultural irrigation system evaluation, contact Luis Ramos, the District’s Agricultural Program Director, at (760) 728-1332 or

These programs are brought to you by the San Diego County Water Authority and are funded in part by grants from the State of California Department of Water Resources.