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Residential Properties

San Diego County and regional residential property owners are increasingly interested in learning about ways to keep their properties healthy and sustainable. Some property owners are interested in how landscaping around their homes can benefit them and help ease the effects of the drought. Other property owners are interested in how erosion is impacting the quality of their property and what they can do to control and minimize it. Additionally, many property owners wonder about what they can do around their homes and businesses to try to protect, not only their immediate property, but also those of their neighbors and the surrounding environment.

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The Rainbow Creek, San Luis Rey, Santa Margarita and Southern California Watersheds web pages contain information on how residential property owners can ensure that their property remains successful and sustainable, while minimizing their impacts to the surrounding environment. The Landscape section walks property owners through available rebates, free irrigation system evaluations, composting, landscaping with low-water-use plants and how to manage pests on the property.