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Water Conservation on Residential Properties

Where does our water come from?

Southern California imports about 70% of its water from the Colorado River and Northern California. Local water supply sources include groundwater, local surface waters and recycled water.

Where does our water go?

Residential (home) use accounts for 66% of all the water used in San Diego County. More than half of the water used at home is used outside. Water savings at home starts outside! On average, San Diegans use 144 gallons of water per person, per day.

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Why is water conservation important?

California is experiencing a drought. Minimal rainfall means less water to recharge our reservoirs, lakes, rivers and groundwater. Reducing water use at home can help protect our water supplies and your wallet. How Can I help?

Indoor Water Conservation Tips

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Outdoor Water Conservation Tips

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Charts and tables by Mission Resource Conservation District.

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