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Water Quality Analysis

The quality of irrigation water has a profound effect on crops. High sodium concentrations, for example, can reduce water uptake and lead to stressed plants and low crop yields. Knowing the concentrations of certain water quality parameters in the irrigation water can help with making informed management decisions, such as using the appropriate fertilizer application rates. By using only the known amount of fertilizer needed and not an estimated amount, money can be saved and water quality will be protected. Irrigation water should be tested annually to account for any changes in water quality parameters.

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The District provides basic well and pond water quality analysis for a nominal fee. If you are interested in having water tested, please complete the Water Sample Information Form and bring it to our office along with your water sample. We can only test water that was collected within the  District’s boundary. Before bringing in a water sample (to ensure that District staff will be able to test the water sample within the required time for an accurate measurement of some of the water quality parameters) or for additional information on water analysis, please contact our office at 760-728-1332.

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Sample Collection Instructions:

Water samples should be collected in a clean plastic or glass container that has not been used to hold salty liquids or chemicals. One quart of the water to be tested is a sufficient volume. Samples should be cooled in a refrigerator until they are brought to our office. Samples over 24 hours old cannot be accurately tested. To ensure an accurate sample from a well source, the well should be run at full volume for at least one-half hour before collection. Please call the District office at (760) 728-1332 BEFORE bringing in the water sample to ensure that District staff will be able to test the water sample within the time required for an accurate measurement of certain water quality parameters.