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Mission Statement

To promote the conservation of soil, water and other natural resources in the San Luis Rey and Santa Margarita watersheds through effective planning that ensures a healthy ecosystem and provides economic benefits and quality of life for landowners and the general public.



Please visit the CIMIS Website to get today's evapotranspiration data to calculate your irrigation schedule. To view instructions for estimating orchard or grove water use with CIMIS, please click HERE.





Interested in learning how to save time, money and resources when managing your home garden?  Gardening Workshop!

Come to a gardening workshop to learn how about rainwater harvesting, creating plant guilds, companion planting and in-ground composting!  The FREE workshop will be held on May 10, 2014 from 9:30 to 11 am at the San Diego County Fallbrook Library.  To RSVP or for more information regarding the garden workshop and learn about the optional tour following the workshop, please click HERE to view the workshop informational announcement. 

A Free Agricultural Workshop!

Please join us to learn about agricultural Best Management Practices for ensuring the health of the property and the surrounding environment and to learn about the Ag Waiver from Dr. Loretta Bates of the UC Cooperative Extension's Home and Advisor's Office!  The FREE workshop will be held on May 20, 2014 from 6 to8 pm at the San Diego County Fallbrook Library.  To RSVP or for more information regarding the agricultural workshop, please click HERE to view the workshop informational announcement. 


Erosion?  Weeds?  Muddy Areas?  Animal Pests?  The solutions for these resource concerns, as well as many others, are included in FREE Conservation Plans for residential, equestrian or residential/equestrian properties in the San Luis Rey watershed.  Please click HERE for more information and to learn how to sign up for the program.

What we can do for you

Mission RCD is proud to offer a wide range of assistance to local landowners and stakeholders in the lower Santa Margarita and middle and lower San Luis Rey watersheds.  In partnership with other agencies, Mission RCD is a provider of the latest available technology.  Our assistance includes:

    Landscape Irrigation Management

    Agriculture Irrigation Management

    Conservation Plans

    Low Cost Water and Soil Testing

    CIMIS Use

    Cover Crops

    Conservation Plans

    Invasive Plant Management and Eradication

    Wildlife Habitat Management

    Education Outreach

    Pond Management

    Low Water Use Plants for Landscapes

    Residential Water Use Checkups

Mission RCD's Santa Margarita San Luis Rey Weed Management Area Program is working to achieving invasive plant species (specifically Arundo donax, the giant reed) removal on a watershed scale.  Please visit their website to learn more about the SMSLR Weed Management Area Program!

To contact our main office for more information or regarding our FREE agricultural irrigation system evaluations and invasive plant species removal program, please call (760) 728-1332.  If you are interested in requesting a FREE residential water use audit, please call our toll free phone number at (866) 883-1332.  For more contact information, please click HERE.

Thank you for visiting our website.