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About the District

Aerial view of the district.
Aerial view of the district

Our district located in North San Diego County ranges from the coast in Oceanside along the Highway 76 corridor around MCB Camp Pendleton to the Orange County border, and along the border of Riverside County.  We address a variety of specific conservation needs within our district including (but not limited to) water conservation, agricultural support, watershed and habitat preservation and management, and rural-urban interface issues.  Today, the District's boundary covers approximately 185.2 square miles and encompasses 118,528 acres of land, including residential, agricultural, commercial, industrial, and public lands.

Map of Mission RCD boundaries.
Map of Mission RCD's district

Our district reflects incredible ecological, geographical, socio-economic, and cultural diversity.  Within our district boundaries one finds the region’s agricultural belt, sandy beaches, lagoons and tidal wetlands essential for preserving and protecting marine life and coastal habitat, canyons and rolling hills on the coast, humid inland valleys, rocky foothills, critical watershed areas that are home to many plant and animal species, including endangered species, and rivers that flow from deep inland areas into the ocean.  Our vibrant district includes rural and urban areas, cultural and Indigenous communities, and important industries, including agriculture, biotechnology, hospitality and food service, and tourism.

The San Diego County region is the home of the Kumeyaay, Luiseño, Cahuilla, and Cupeño Native people.  As stewards of the land  belonging to Indigenous peoples, we acknowledge that these people have come before us and lived with care and respect on these lands, and we honor the Indigenous people living here today and their ancestors.  We deeply respect their resilience, connection to, and care of the land.

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