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Wildfires have become an annual occurrence in recent years with fires becoming more widespread and severe. Amplified by the effects of climate change and changes in land use, the threat of wildfires to communities and the impact on the economy is significant.  RCDs act as a force multiplier for wildfire management, bridging efforts by fire districts, NRCS, state and local agencies, and the community (among others).

Mission RCD supports wildfire prevention and mitigation efforts to protect wild lands, working lands, and communities in our North County region.  Our programs are based on accepted NRCS conservation best management practices and centered in equity and inclusion to support healthy habitat and firesafe communities.  Interwoven with our other programs, our wildfire management efforts include removal of invasive, high fuel plants and current wildfire programs include:

Wildland burned by fire.

NRCS Post Fire Disaster Recovery Assistance Program

Working with the local NRCS office in Escondido, Mission RCD supports post-wildfire habitat restoration to improve the health and productivity of burned lands and reduce the threat of wildland fires. Technical assistance to landowners includes assessing and as possible mitigating wildfire damage, coordinating field assessments, identifying potential Emergency Watershed Protection projects, and providing outreach and education on NRCS programs related to fire resiliency, environmentally sensitive vegetation management, and watershed and wildland health.

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