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SDCWA Agriculture Water Management Program

SDCWA Agriculture Water Management Program

This program supports irrigation system evaluations to growers with one or more irrigated acres. Mission RCD provides irrigation system evaluations, water use efficiency recommendations, crop data, and technical information about the types of irrigation equipment used to increase water use efficiency and crop yield on agricultural sites. These evaluations assist growers with evaluating how to achieve maximum water efficiency and to determine how to better manage the water resources available to them, and more efficiently manage irrigation requirements for productive and healthy plants. The Soil Moisture Monitoring System (SMSS) Program provides financial assistance to growers to purchase soil moisture sensors systems. These systems allow growers to adopt advanced irrigation management practices and to measure the amount of water available in the soil profile, important for making good irrigation management decisions. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP.

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SDCWA Agriculture Rebate Programs


Rancho California Water District / TEAM RCD Water Management Program

Mission RCD has provided irrigation system evaluations for Rancho California Water District’s agriculture customers to increase water use efficiency and crop yield on agricultural sites since 2010. More recently, our assistance on Rancho’s Irrigation Efficiency Program (AIEP) and CropSWAP programs is done in collaboration with Temecula Elsinore Anza Murrieta (TEAM) RCD. Evaluations support the rebate program for irrigation system equipment upgrades with an audit of irrigated agricultural sites and providing growers with technical assistance and recommendations on how to increase efficiency and improve system distribution uniformity and efficiency.




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