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Strategic Plan 2023 - 2025

As the current stewards of Mission Resource Conservation District (MRCD), which has been serving the North San Diego County community for over 78 years, our Board of Directors and staff understand the importance of charting our Strategic Direction for the future.  We know that this Direction must strike a balance between honoring our history, working tirelessly in the present, and rising to the challenges of the future.                                                           

Our Strategic Direction is guided by feedback from the diverse stakeholders and community members that MRCD serves.  One focus of these conversations has been on addressing the local impacts of climate change and opportunities for new and enhanced conservation and climate projects and programs.  Another focus has been on continuing to enhance collaboration, in which the RCD serves as a Connector as part of its unique structure and function as a trusted, community-based “nexus point” bridging the gaps between local organizations, agencies, and government bodies, and the local and state levels.

Our Strategic Direction reflects our deep commitment to the conservation of water, soil, and other natural resources, and the urgency to address the threat of wildfires and impacts of climate change.  The work ahead of us is significant.  Our overarching purpose and guiding light is to address the most pressing natural resources conservation issues in a way that respects and empowers the people who depend on these resources, and to keep strengthening the RCD so that we can continue to do this important work to serve our district and the San Diego County region for years to come.

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