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Better than Burning

Burning piles of yard waste releases the carbon that is stored in plant materials and makes smoke, which adds pollution to our air.

A more environmentally friendly way is to chop yard waste up and use it as mulch. No need to do anything fancy, just pile yard clippings around your trees. Don’t pile things against the actual tree trunk, but otherwise, just put leaves, grass clippings etc. around the base of your tree. It will smother weeds, improve your soil, help your tree, and sequester carbon, all in one go!

Got a whole tree trunk to get rid of? Why not bury it? Tree trunks that are buried act as sponges in the soil, soaking up water when it rains, and releasing the water when the soil is dry. Plus burying tree trunks also sequesters the carbon in the wood rather than releasing it into the air.

Reposted from Everything Fallbrook, 12/14/2022

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